Getting a Wallet

To enjoy the benefits of being a GCRcoin user, the first step is to get a wallet. 

Downloading a wallet that will allow you to save your coins in your computer or in an external device. In case you want to save them in your computer, you will also have the opportunity to participate in the Proof of Stake (POS)—our reward system for allowing your computer to participate in transaction verification. This collaboration barely uses your system resources though you do need to keep it connected to the internet for as much time as possible. Our POS system gives you 5% annually. This interest is paid daily so it adds to your capital which generates a compound interest. This is an excellent opportunity for those who want to save and increase their coin number. You can download your wallet in the Wallets section.

Purchasing Coins

You can purchase coins by creating an account in any of the Exchanges working with our coin. In these exchanges, the GCRcoin value is determined by supply and demand. 

Participating in the Stake

To participate in the Proof of Stake, you have to use our downloadable wallet. Once downloaded, the wallet will synchronize with all other wallets through the internet. You must encrypt it to get more safety and unlock the Proof of Stake to start getting rewards. For more information, watch the tutorial here.

Using your GCRcoins

As a GCRcoin user, you can send coins to other users, buy and sell coins in the exchanges, use GCRcoins as a payment method, and even accumulate them as a way of saving.